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OpenIntro: Statistics

OpenIntro Statistics is the flagship product of OpenIntro. The textbook has been used in courses at a variety of schools, including Harvard, Princeton, Duke, USC, and many others.

During the first two years, one of those years being with the Preliminary Edition of the textbook, the project has saved students over $50,000. We anticipate supporting much more savings as we begin outreach efforts.

What distinguishes our textbook from other open source and free textbooks for introductory statistics is that we have made a substantial effort to make this textbook of quality that matches (we think exceeds) for-profit textbooks. If we were going to devote thousands of hours to a project and mission, we wanted to do it right. This is the spirit of the project. I can confidently say that we are delivering the product we intended.

Buy your own copy of the First Edition on Amazon for under $10, or download a PDF for free.