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Fall 2009 | Statistics 10

Professor: Rob Gould
TA: David Diez (david@stat.ucla.edu)

Office hours (Boelter Hall 9407)

* Tuesday 100-130p
* Thursday 300-400p
* by appointment

If you cannot meet during my regular office hours, you can use my calendar to make an appointment for a time when you are available. Appointments can be made via email or during discussion/lab.

Review problems and sessions

Exam 1 Review
Problems + solutions

Exam 2 Review
Sunday, Nov 15. 3:00-5:00p. Math Sciences 5127.
Exam 2 Review (solutions)

Final Exam Review
Thursday, Dec 10. 10:00a-12:30p. Geology 4660.
Please attempt the problem set before coming to the review session.
Final Review (solutions)

Additional documents and explanation

Any and all suggestions for improving the materials for discussion or the other documents posted here are greatly appreciated. You may either email me suggestions, stop into my office hours, or schedule an appointment.

OpenIntro.org | Open source (free) statistics book in progress. Comments on the text are greatly appreciated.
Binomial probabilities | an example based approach to help decipher when to use binomial probability model.
Switching from the binomial to normal model | outlines when it is appropriate to use the normal model instead of the binomial model.
Confidence interval and hypothesis test guide | An organized list and reference guide for confidence intervals and tests associated with proportions and single samples for means. This one page reference assumes familiarity with the material.

Discussion notes

Posted discussion notes are not generally comprehensive. They simply list what was covered so you can read about it on your own if you are unable to attend a particular day of discussion due to an emergency, illness, etc. These will be posted within 48 hours of each discussion (confidence level of this 96 hour interval TBD).

Week 1 | Studies, variables, and making conclusions.
Week 2 | Variability, variable types, and comparing histograms with boxplots.
Week 3 | Simulations.
Week 4 | Probability problems (more on Moodle).
Week 5 | Review problems, some covered in lab.
Week 6 | Distribution of sample proportions + intro to confidence intervals.
Week 7 | Hypothesis testing informal intro. Extra practice problems (+ solutions).
Week 8 | Practice problems on hypothesis testing and confidence intervals.
Week 9 | Review exam, practice problems for sample means.
Week 10 | LAB discussion. Linear models + difficult quiz questions.
Week 10 | More linear models.

Assignments & labs

Moodle | Find the course syllabus, assignments, labs, and lecture information.

Open lab hours | Open lab hours for the Boelter Hall lab are listed. The CLICC lab in Powell also is an option.