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If you would like to reuse any of my materials or make your own version, send me an email. Generally I am happy to freely license materials that I have developed, usually via a CC BY-SA license.

HTML Tutorial | This is not intended to be a full tutorial, but a very quick and dirty intro to HTML that can be covered in an hour, perhaps less.

LaTeX Tutorial | This tutorial was constructed for a mini-course that was offered through the UCLA Statistical Consulting Center mini-courses. Both a presentation along with a LaTeX document with a large number of examples is included in the zipped file. If you would like to make a similar course, all source files may be found here, which are released under a Creative Commons BY-SA license.

R Tutorial | Not a comprehensive introduction to R, this was used for Stat M12 as a guide to assist in labs. I also developed a site that highlights many handy R functions: RFunction.com.

Survival Analysis in R | Assuming knowledge of the theory of survival analysis, this will give a good introduction to its use in R. There are only minor assumptions on the reader's knowledge of R. These materials are now hosted at OpenIntro's website: openintro.org.

Spatial Statistics in R | A tutorial given through the UCLA Statistical Consulting Center. Emphasis is placed on point patterns since a geostatistics course was offered during the same quarter.

Fathom | Esa Eslami created these tutorials for the INSPIRE: Insight into Statistical Practice, Instruction and Reasoning project's online course. They are videos that show first-hand how to work within Fathom.

A large number of other tutorials can be found on UCLA's SCC website.