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I spent my first 18 years in Rochester, MN and the next four attending the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. During my undergraduate I expanded on my interest in rock climbing, math and the like, and found an interest in traveling.

I moved to LA after graduating with a B.S. in mathematics, and I enrolled in the doctoral program in the UCLA Statistics Department in 2006. I found several folks who were interested in hiking (hence the Hiking section on this website) and also began to take a more serious attitude to my photography hobby. During my graduate work I also teamed up with Chris Barr, Mine Çetinkaya, Meenal Patel, Rob Gould, and Filipp Brunshteyn on the OpenIntro project. I graduated from UCLA with my PhD in Statistics in 2010. After a bit of job hunting, a postdoc position that fit well opened up with Chris Barr at Harvard, which is where you can find me now.

I haven't yet made plans on where to next after Boston. That will be impacted by where my fiance (Meenal Patel) and I would like to live, employment opportunities, and the status of the OpenIntro project in mid-2012. Right now we are leaning towards the San Francisco area. Feel free to send me an email and weigh in.

Some of my favorite recipes:
banana bread with chocolate chips (I usually make a half-batch)
chana masala
Indian style potatos