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Spring 2008 | Statistics 10

Professor: Gretchen Davis
TA (1A & 1B): David Diez (david@stat.ucla.edu)

Office hours (Boelter Hall 9407)

Tuesday: 10:00-10:30
Thurday: 10:00-10:30, 1:00-1:50
Additionally, use my calendar to make an appointment. Appointments must be made via email or during discussion/lab (I do not meet on a drop-in basis outside of office hours).

Review session

Thursday (6/5) 3:30-6:20pm. Young Hall 2200. Review document (solutions). The review document contains 20 review problems (about 70 parts). The goal of the review session is to cover all of these problems, and I strongly advise attendants to attempt the problems prior to the review session.

Additional documents and explanation

Any and all suggestions for improving the materials for discussion or the other documents posted here are greatly appreciated. You may either email me suggestions, stop into my office hours, or schedule an appointment.

Binomial probabilities | an example based approach to help decipher when to use binomial probability model.
Switching from the binomial to normal model | outlines when it is appropriate to use the normal model instead of the binomial model.
Confidence interval and hypothesis test guide | A general guide for all confidence intervals and tests to be used our class. As of today (5/8), we have not yet covered the parts on confidence intervals for means; this includes the t confidence intervals and tests.

Discussion notes

Week 1 | studies
Week 2 | box plots, independence, Quiz 2 Attempt 1, and normal problems
Week 3 | normal problems, Q3A1, probability examples
Week 4 (lab hour) | binomial probability, review practice exam
Week 4 | hand back and review exam (no notes posted)
Week 5 | confidence intervals, Q5A1
Week 6 | hypothesis testing, Q6A1
Week 7 | sample size, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing
Week 8 | hand back and review exam 2, start regression discussion
Week 9 | least squares regression and problematic points
Week 10 (lab hour) | review exam 1 material

Assignments & labs

Moodle | Find the course syllabus, assignments, labs, and lecture information.

Open lab hours | Open lab hours for the Boelter Hall lab are listed. The CLICC lab in Powell also is an option.