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Spring 2010 | Statistics 10

Professor: Gretchen Davis
TA: David Diez (david@stat.ucla.edu)

Office hours (Boelter Hall 9407)

Wednesday: 4-5p
Thursday: 9-10a

If you cannot meet during my regular office hours, you can use my calendar to make an appointment for a time when you are available. Appointments can be made via email or during discussion/lab.

Open Intro project

Mission: produce an open source (forever free) textbook for introductory statistics. Our team has released several chapters, and I hope you will take a look at these and try them out. The Stat 10 version of the book will be complete before the end of this quarter, and you can download chapters for the first 75% of the Stat 10 course now: openintro.org. Later this quarter I will send out an email for feedback on the book.

Reading the Open Intro book is completely optional, however, your feedback can help us improve the book so it can be used sooner. The sooner it is ready as the main text, the sooner students can save money on statistics textbooks.

Discussion notes

Posted discussion notes only say what was covered but do not cover the finer points. The notes are often posted within 48 hours of each discussion.

Week 1 | A light introduction + examination of 3 studies.
Week 2 | Run down on the first two labs + handout.
Week 3 | Working with the normal model + a little simulation.
Week 4 | Discuss lab 3 + probability problems.
Week 5 | Review midterm 1.
Week 6 | Quiz and homework problems.
Week 7 | Lab 6 review + hypothesis testing problems.
Week 8 | Review midterm 2.
Week 9 | Least squares regression + handout.
Week 10 | Review (abbreviated solutions).

More review + solutions.

Assignments & labs

Moodle | Find the course syllabus, assignments, labs, and lecture information.

Fathom | Esa Eslami created these tutorials for the INSPIRE: Insight into Statistical Practice, Instruction and Reasoning project's online course. They are videos that show first-hand how to work within Fathom.

Open lab hours | Open lab hours for the Boelter Hall lab are listed. The CLICC lab in Powell also is an option if you need to use Fathom.